A collective of artists(1).
(1): someone who is feeling something

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Photo credit: Théo Pitout

Atelier Ndokette is a transdisciplinary art collective working in the intersection of photography, textile and installations.

Atelier Ndokette has started after we have worked on our first self-built project (Ndokette Session) in 2019. This project represents an open and ongoing conversation that tackles subjects like communities and individuals.

Atelier Ndokette has become a collaborative working space and an open creation environment.

The collective works are articulated around research projects and also commissioned works of different scales.

In the collective, Safi Niang (right) develops a practice around textiles and painting. She works with colours and textures to depict landscapes between the material and the immaterial.
Souleymane Bachir Diaw (middle) is a fine art photographer who is primarily interested in personal and collective narratives in the fascinating complexity of their connections.
Ibrahima Ndome (left) has a keen interest in clothing and textiles and mostly the emotions they convey. Therefore they became his main mediums to which he associate other influences (from dancing to poetry).

They associate their practices to work together with a same medium or in a transdisciplinary approach where their different mediums interact.

Residencies and awards

2021 - Prix ellipse allowing us to participate to the residency program at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.


2021 - AKAA Art Fair, Paris