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Ndokette Session 

Dakar, SN
09 - 21 JUNE 2022

Un futur présent - rañé li fi nèkk ba noppi

As part of the OFF of the Dakar Biennale, Atelier Ndokette is pleased to present Ndokette Session as part of the group exhibition at the Socio-cultural Center Mermoz Sacré-Cœur with the City of Dakar until June 21, 2022

With Ndokette Session, the 3 artists propose a journey into their daily lives where memories and artifacts intersect.

The Ndokette was the starting point of their work. Guided by a curiosity for the dress itself, they follow it and other garments through time and countries, reflecting a panorama of uses and narratives. These garments are primarily reminders of moments of passage or celebration.

Thus, through the links of clothing symbols of their multiple and complex reality (seemingly already acquired), they weave new ones.

Watching the artisans and working with their fabrics revealed memories and interests in them. They explore these garments from the history of their making to the materials that make them. The collective's practice is close to the experience of the object and the knowledge of the gesture.

By reworking recovered pieces with mixed techniques or by making new models, they transpose in their photographs a universe anchored in a real next door.

Atelier Ndokette presents here Ndokette Session in the form of a presentation composed of three (3) photographs accompanied by an installation that calls upon the different materials that allowed them to transform their dreams into a visual story.


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