Institut Français, Dakar, SN
26 nov 2022- 28 feb 2023

Exhibition presented as part of the eleventh edition of the Partcours
Tocutugol , Yeesal

"Tocutugol", mirrors the creative moment of a cross-cutting collective. This process welcomes finding transcending messages of textiles transferred through time. The multiple preserved forms of utility through customs, rituals and traditions without losing the core essence within the care and management of fabrics and visual mediums.

"Tocutugol", a Pulaar word that refers to the action of restoring something that has already been repaired once. This word echoes their approach. The direct relationship and symbol of  heritage with a white cotton fabric whilst drawing inspiration from techniques of weaving, dyeing, pleating, ...: form manipulation and reconstruction amid the physique. This method used an unconventional support of communication and expression. Its visual translation compartmentalizes the depth that mirrors the history; the anecdotes inviting observations, mediums allowing a different support of understanding and locale for rooted familiarity to these stories told.

Since 2018, the tri-collective, Safi Niang (Guinea), Souleymane Bachir Diaw and Ibrahima Ndome (Senegal) have created a hybrid functioning system of photography, design thinking and painting on textile. The practice of the collective dives into the experience of the subject, the knowledge and the reinvention. The Ndokette symbolizes a signature garment rooted in the African divine feminine energy. This matriarchy mirrors how they hold space within society. Its core influence as a thematic signature hints at the expression of heritage revisited. A gown as an umbrella covering discussions around the continued traditions in present society that has evolved with its many practices but still keeping the essence of its purpose: culture.

Filly Gueye
Cultural strategist

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