Our approach

We played with style and ritual to evoke the feeling of a conscious experience. Costume design is one of our main tools. We put people and clothes in places, in a certain way, to get scenes powerful enough to open up discussions and invite people to participate.
We approach the works as a way of confronting life, time and especially ourselves. We want to face what is going on and question what we are experiencing. Our reality. It is composed and mixed. It is bold. It is surprising.

We also sought to step back, to step out of our comfort zones by taking into account what we are "made of", our "censer". "And" in Wolof represents the concept of the Pedestal. It is for us what belongs to us. What we will never leave behind, what we take with us wherever we go. It is also what drives us (consciously or not). It is a set of values and behaviors that, by nature, must evolve, but whose evolution can be triggered in different ways.

We have a specific direction in terms of the choices we have made in terms of styling, locations and staging. However, we also decided to incorporate life and its different components. We didn't want to say "no" to life in general, to its beautiful and different elements.
For us, everything that life has to offer in terms of colors, noises, ..., materials, no matter how small, will be used as long as it resonates with our story. It is also a way of accepting and reminding ourselves how "complex" but unique we are as human beings.
Sensitive to our world as we are condemned to live in it, we had to face it. And face it from all angles. Because the fear of not seeing what is happening will not solve the "problems".

Here we embrace our nature and Nature.
By putting life into perspective in this way, Ndokette aims to put a question mark on beliefs and feelings. We question, not to destroy but to build and eventually transition.

Questioning (among ourselves) is a way of looking this reality in the face, before trying to dream it. It is a more direct and closer approach to the "other" because it helps us to accept the perspectives.
This is its curse, but its blessing lies in the light at the end of the tunnel. Here Ndokette Session is a healing process. It is a call to master the imagination again. Not to dream it, not to fetishize it, not to consume it, but to live it fully, to produce it, to embrace it and to feel ONE with it.
In the end, it is a matter of "taking notes" on each other on what we share collectively in order to grow personally but also as a group, a community.

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