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About Ibrahima Ndome

Photo credit: Pape Mbagnick Ndiaye

Ibrahima Ndome is a Senegalese born textile and movement artist. Based in Dakar since 2013, he’s one of the members of the art collective Atelier Ndokette.
His practices revolve around research to answer his inner life questions, in which a combination of different mediums symbolize the tools to discover answers. He started expressing himself in front of the camera as a model and has been part of international fashion shows, campaigns and editorials.

But modeling isn’t enough for Ibrahima, so he decided to explore what happens behind the camera. He then pushed his sense of style to become a stylist and has worked in several commercials, editorials and visual art projects.

Later on, styling turned into costume design. In collaboration with craftsmen, he now experiments design from abstract to concrete.

His work has been shown at AKAA FAIR 2021 after a residency at Cité Internationale Des Arts, after winning the  first edition of Ellipse Art projects in 2021 within the collective Atelier Ndokette, at the Off Dakar biennale in 2022. In 2022, the collective presented Tocutugol alongside the Dakar French institute.

In Fashion, his work consists of bringing material and immaterial resources in visual and art projects through modeling, styling/fashion consultancy or often both at the same time:

Milan Fashion week 2020 for Marni, 2019 African official football cup campaign, Vogue Ukraine with Mati Diop, Baax Studio campaign shoot, …

Today, Ibrahima is a textile and a movement artist who combines fashion, textile and movements through dance.

Through movement, he finds ways to write with his body and through textile materials.. It allows him  to rehabilitate his own and helps him feel in tune with his senses.

Textile is for Ibrahima a “blank” support already loaded with a lot of untarnished and nuanced stories that require more attention before its usage in his artistic practices.

carry me.
It takes me everywhere, allowing me to introspect and ‘outro-spect’ alternatively, actively and practically. It requires time and space.
I am unschooled, raw and organic with it, but along the way, doubts and unknown are turned into Movement.

Personal works


    Communication and international affairs - ESP Dakar 2017

    2022 - TOCUTUGOL, Dakar, Senegal with Atelier Ndokette
    2022 - Off Biennale Dakar, Senegal with Atelier Ndokette
    2021 - AKAA FAIR, Paris, France, with Atelier Ndokette

    2021 - Ellipse art project prize with Atelier Ndokette

    2022 - Espace Trames with Institut français du Sénégal with Atelier Ndokette, Dakar, Sénégal
    2021 - Cité Internationale des Arts with Ellipse Art projects with Atelier Ndokette Paris, France

    2023 - Senior Stylist powered by Atelier Des Récalcitrants

Find more on

www.ibrahimandome.com (coming soon)


And for any inquiries please reach out here : ibrahimndome7@gmail.com