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About Safi Niang

Photo credit: Marc Posso

Safi Niang (@safiniang) is a model, stylist and visual artist who lives and works in Conakry and Paris. She is one of the co-founders of the collective Atelier Ndokette.

As a business engineer, she evolves in different corporate environments where she had the opportunity to work with various profiles on issues related to education and the environment.

Passionate about fashion for as long as she can remember, modeling was her first means of expression. As her practice progressed, she also discovered a growing interest in styling.

She decided to work more and more in the research of this link between the person and the garment. This is what represents the heart of her current practice. It is for her to arrange clothes and accessories in the manner of a writer in front of his page.
The goal is to always magnify and represent her Africans.
She has recently become interested in painting. Safi Niang uses it as a medium of experimentation and learning of plastic approaches.

Her artistic practice is thus placed in the visual arts in general with an approach centered on the exploration of its own diversity of supports and interpretation while keeping alive the curious child in her.

Personal works


Published model represented by 2R Model Management

    Engineer degree in business development (Kedge Business School)
    Self taught artist 

    2022 - TOCUTUGOL, Dakar, Senegal
    2021 - AKAA FAIR, Paris, France
    2021 - Cité des arts, Paris, France
    2021 - Oath Magazine “House of Love”, Cape Town, South Africa

    2021 – Prix Ellipse by ellipse art projects  with Atelier Ndokette

    2022 – Espaces Trames and Institut Français du Sénégal  with Atelier Ndokette, Dakar, Senegal
    2021 – Cité Internationale des Arts via ellipse art projects with Atelier Ndokette, Paris, France

    2021 – A rebrousse temps AKAA FAIR
    2021 – Oath Magazine Volume II

Find more on

www.safiniang.com (coming soon)


And for any inquiries please reach out here : hellosafiniang@gmail.com